We seamlessly integrate VR innovation into your business

Unofficial Cardboard is much more than a cardboard manufacturer. We are a team of industry experts, creative strategists and media producers who can create VR marketing tools for your brand.

Your Business with VR

Spread Awareness

Include virtual reality in your content marketing strategy to increase its shareability factor.

Build Excitement

Ignite a movement around your brand online and offline with custom VR viewers.

Gain Loyalty

Immerse your customers in a full-circle branded experience they won't forget.

How is Unofficial Cardboard different?

We are innovators in an emerging tech industry...

  • First to create a larger viewer (UC Large 1.0)
  • First to create an adjustable lens viewer (UC 2.0+)
  • Helped to pioneer an industry starting on Day 1 (Google I/O 2014)

We are a U.S. owned company with a professional media and design team...

  • US owned and operated company that is headquartered in Chicago, IL
  • Our VR viewers are printed in California and shipped directly
  • ste
    Professional art design team with talented designers ready to work for you.

So how does this whole process work?

  • 1.

    Fully customize your VR Viewers using our Design tool, templates or by request.

  • 2.

    Approve quotes & Print Cards before confirming the order.

  • 3.

    Receive your custom VR Viewers and amaze the masses!


  • Premium materials

    that adhere to Google's official guidelines
  • Competitive pricing

    for high-quality, durable VR Viewers
  • Seamless 1-piece

    design just like at Google I/O 2015
  • Quick turnaround

    with 3-4 weeks for most custom orders

Let's get started

Illustrator Template

We provide you the templates and instructions on how to prepare your artwork. [For pro designers]


Send us your pictures, logos, graphics, and text and we will create your viewer from start to finish.

Not quite ready for any of the above?

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