Google Cardboard Inspired Custom Branded VR Viewers Template

  1. Download the templates of any model of our viewers
  2. Unzip the zip-archive and find 3 folders inside
    • Example Folder

      In the Example folder, you can find an example file which has been created by Unofficial Cardboard to show how to prepare the final printing file.

    • Orientation Guide Folder

      In the Orientation Guide folder, you can find the file which shows the correct orientation of the different parts of the viewer.

    • Template Folder

      In the Template folder, you will find an Adobe Illustrator file and a PDF file with the dielines we will use for printing your artwork. You can use these dielines to place your graphics and text to create your own design.

  3. Use a Template Adobe Illustrator file to create your own artwork putting your images and text into the template and prepare it for printing
    • Requirement 1

      Make sure all the graphics files you import in the template use a resolution of 300 Pixel/Inch, CMYK color mode and it doesn’t have multiple layers inside.

    • Requirement 2

      Make sure all the text you used in your artwork are outlined unless you are going to send us the fonts you used along with the artwork.

    • Requirement 3

      Please keep artwork within the safety area. Make sure there are not any important graphics or text inside it. Anything extending outside of this area risks being trimmed.

  4. Upload your finished artwork using our form

    Save your artwork in Adobe Illustrator format and collect all used images together, then create a Zip-archive and upload it to our server.