• Taking in Some Terrifically Trippy VR at Google's Venice HQ

    In 2014, L.A.-based design agency Kluge Interactive started Evenings at the Loft, a call to creatives to emerge from under the headphones, move away from their computer monitors, and mingle at Kluge's loft headquarters (hence the name).

    The event was so successful that it's now on tour around town, landing at a different venue each time. Most recently, it was at Google's Venice HQ and the theme was (what else?) virtual reality. Google moved into the Frank Gehry-designed Binoculars Building in Venice in 2011, and it's now a sprawling but secure campus with a black box-style theater attached. For the VR event, the office's theater and cafe were packed—standing room only...

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  • I Tried Ketel One Vodka's Virtual Reality Headset And Here's What Happened

    I love virtual reality. I love a good cocktail. So when esteemed vodka brand Ketel One decided to package a VR viewer with it’s 1.75 liter bottles of vodka in the U.S., it was like the company was calling my name. But I would soon find out that some things around emerging technology can simply become more challenging than one might think.

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