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5 Tips for the Best Google Cardboard VR Experience

UC Classic VR Headset inspired by Google Cardboard.

When Google debuted the Google Cardboard back in June 2014, many non-believers brushed it off as a silly gimmick. Over half-a-million users and one official reboot of the project by Google later, the mass market and media are finally recognizing Google Cardboard for what it is: a revolutionary invention that has the best chance of bringing Virtual Reality into the hands of everyone.

“Growth” would be an understatement in describing the explosive effect of Google Cardboard’s relaunch, and you can expect tons of new developments to come within the mobile VR app industry. For everyone who already has aGoogle Cardboard inspired VR headset, we’ve compiled a quick list of 5 easy tips for maximizing your Google Cardboard VR experience.

1. Use earphones/headphones.

(image via Flickr – CC)


Ever watch a scary movie with no audio? It robs you of the whole experience! Use earphones/headphones to maximize your immersion in VR; especially with TERRIFYINGLY SCARY apps like Sisters (Android) and/or Zombie Shooter VR (iOS).

2. Stand in a wide-open space or sit on a swivel chair.

(image via Flickr – CC)

Some Google Cardboard VR apps like Debris Defrag (Android) and FastHit VR (iOS) demand a lot of rapid spinning and turning. If you’re going to stand, make sure there is nothing nearby that you could hit or run into. If you want to sit, use a swivel chair that’ll allow you to spin around and round without the neck cramps.

3. Try out all the VR apps available now!

Unofficial Cardboard VR Apps Page.

VR on smartphones only recently became recognized as a possibility, and development of mobile VR apps was and still is a relatively new practice. However, the relaunch of Google Cardboard and its SDK is igniting a boom in the developers market, and you can bet that better, more advanced VR apps are soon to come. Make sure to try out and keep up with all the new apps in the new Google Cardboard App and Google Play’s Google Cardboard Apps page. For iOS users, check out the iOS section on our VR Apps page. Here are some of our favorite apps available right now (along with the others mentioned in these tips):

4. Use airplane mode for prolonged use.

(image via Flickr – CC)

The wizardry of Google Cardboard VR requires a lot of power! If you really want to dive deep into virtual reality, use airplane mode so you save enough of your batteries to tweet about your VR escapades afterwards. This is especially important if you’ll be letting a lot of people try out your VR headset or expecting prolonged use watching videos on apps like VR Cinema for Cardboard (Android) or the Homido 360 VR Player (iOS).

5. Become PRO with a BT-controller and headstraps.

UC Classic VR Headset with UC VR Headstraps.

VR Apps like SpaceTerror for Cardboard (Android) and Zombiestan VR (iOS) require a BlueTooth controller, which means you’ll need your hands free from holding up your VR headset. We also expect the next generation of advanced mobile VR apps to require BT-controllers (you can only do so much with the magnet), and a BT-controller/Headstraps combo is a must-have for anyone with serious plans of diving into VR Gaming.

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