UC Elite Virtual Reality Viewer

UC Elite Virtual Reality Viewer

Sleek & Optimized design

Lightweight, Durable, and Portable

Simple pop-up design with fully immersive VR

Direct-Touch Input

Dual touchscreen functionality

Touch-screen works with all mobile VR apps (Android/iOS)

Full Field of Vision for all screen sizes

No more clunky moving parts

Universal Phone Compatibility

Elastic lock fits even the biggest phones

Works with all phone cases

Keep your phone case on!

Flexible and secure hold

Headstrap ready

Hands free operation

Only $2.95 add on

The surface of the tape has thousands of microscopic air pockets that create partial vacuums between the tape and the target surface. It isn't pressure sensitive and leaves no residue behind.

It can also be used repeatedly without losing its holding power. If your tape loses some of its bonding power, simply wipe it with a damp cloth to remove the dust and it will work as good as new.

To remove an object from AirStick tape, you simply pull or twist the object to break the vacuum bond.